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How to make a myrtle wreath

This lush green wreath will stay fresh the whole season long.

Photo by Sian Richards

Photo by Sian Richards

What you need:

• dogwood branch

• floral wire

• scissors/pruning shears

• myrtle, approx. 1-2 bunches

• decorative ribbon, approx. 2 feet


1. Strip your dogwood branch of foliage and bend it into a circle, securing the ends with floral wire.

2. Attach the myrtle to the dogwood branch using lengths of floral wire. Coil the wire several times until it is secure.

3. Continue the process, covering one half of the wreath with myrtle. Leave the other half exposed.

4. To complete the wreath, loop your ribbon under the branch and tie a bow at the top.

5. Myrtyle lasts a long time, so your wreath will stay fresh for the season.