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3 cool ways to decorate with indigo

We dyed everything from throw pillow covers to wooden handles -- and you can too in these step-by-step tutorials.

Bedroom indigo bed linens string lights

Photo, Sian Richards. Prop styling, Jennifer Evans. Craft styling, Reva Quam.

Trend alert! Inky, moody indigo is the colour of the season. It’s popping up on everything from bed linens to dinnerware. We’re seeing it, often paired with white or other shades of cobalt, in brush stroke patterns, gradated stripes and more traditional tie-dye techniques. It also looks stunning when paired with pale wood (think Scandi cool). With so many options, it’s easy to deck out an entire room, but if you’re feeling crafty, why not try your hand at dip-dyeing your own indigo accessories? We dyed everything from an ombré-style sisal rope to wooden handles and, using a traditional Japanese folding technique called shibori, throw pillows.

Here’s how to do it:

Shibori throw pillow tutorial

DIY ombré-style sisal rope

DIY indigo wooden handles

How to prepare a dye vat

Light, $175, Oyster Bucket, $85, P and B. Nightstand, $269, Cornerstone. Square tray, $165, Books, $250, Kantelberg+Co. Porcelain bowls, $4–$6 each, Indigo. Polka Dot duvet, $250 (Queen), The Bay. Throw blanket (On bed), spool, prices on request, Latre Art + Style. Throw blanket (in bucket), $199, blue pillowcase, $36/set of 2, Zara Home. Blue vases, Wire basket, geometric pillow, stylist’s own. Pillowcase (for dyeing), $9, Ikea. Wood Handle, $2, Lee Valley. Rope, $20, Artwork, Ron Ackroyd. Dye kit (not shown), $20, G&S Dye.