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A modern (and easy to make!) wreath with pot scrubbers

Stock up on metallic dollar-store scoring pads for this unique, modern show-stopper.

wreath potscrubbers diy

You need:

A 10-inch Styrofoam wreath form

6 packages of pot scrubbers


Silver beads of various sizes

A low-heat hot-glue gun


Easy how-to:

1. Cut the pot scrubbers so that they are open on one side.

2. Wrap around wreath form and hot-glue into place.

3. Once the entire wreath is covered, use hot glue to decorate with silver beads.


Where to find it: Paint, Cornforth White, Pot scrubbers, beads, Stockings, white tree,

Watch our home editor, Virginie Martocq, create this pot scrubbers wreath from scratch!


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