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How to make a festive wreath with leftover fabric scraps

Raid your sewing box for leftover material to get started.

diy wreath with leftover fabric

Photo by Roberto Caruso


You need:

A 12-inch Styrofoam wreath form

2 yardsof velvet

4 yards of ribbon

Sewing pins

A low-heat hot-glue gun


Easy how-to:

1. Cut velvet into several long strips wideenough to cover wreath form. Secureone end of velvet to wreath with glue.

2. Wrap the form with velvet,overlapping it to make a wrinkly effect.Use pins to secure the fabric in place atthe back. When the wreath is covered,tuck and glue the other end into place.Secure raw edges at the back with aline of hot glue.

3. Criss-cross ribbon over wreathand pin into place.


Where to find it: Form,, Ribbon, Mokuba, 416-504-5358.


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