DIY Crafts

Create a bird feeder in just 10 minutes

10-minute project: Who knew a rusty old lantern (minus the glass) could become a beautiful feeder? Nothing beats birdwatching while you sip your morning brew

Make it yours
Look for something vintage and ornate for a romantic feel, or go modern with a sleek, square shape. In either case, fit a small bowl into the bottom of the lantern, and glue it in place so the birds won’t tip it over.

Chick magnets
Can’t find a lantern? Pick up one of these pretty feeders

1. Smart shape: Keep squirrels out with stylish mesh. Rosemary & Time bird feeder, $46,
2. Cute cabin: Spend less time refilling with this clever design. cedar-cabin bird feeder, $25,
3. Sleek & slick: Make a bright modern statement in your yard. Ceramic-egg bird feeder, $130 (plus shipping),