DIY Crafts

This cool DIY wreath is made with... coffee filters!

With just a bit of food colouring, coffee filters and a hot glue gun, you'll get a stunning wreath in no time at all.

photo: Roberto Caruso

I had the chance to speak at the One of a Kind Christmas show last Friday and I decided to show the various wreaths we made for the December issue of Chatelaine. It was early one chilly morning when I was mulling over the presentation that I had a serious AHA moment as I was fumbling with coffee filters at five in the morning (did I mention I have a one-year-old daughter?!). It was then that I came up with an easy, super fun way to make this stunning wreath out of coffee filters.

You’ll need:

– 2 packages of basket type filters, small size(I got mine at the dollar store)

– One 12”  to 18″ Styrofoam wreath form

– Low heat glue gun and glue sticks

– Food colouring and water

To assemble

– Mix 20 drops of food colouring with 1 cup of water. (You may need to mix more).

– Grab one coffee filter by the middle, and quickly dip the tips in the colour. Don’t worry if it’s uneven, that’s part of the beauty. Put aside to dry.

– Repeat with additional filters. (Work in batches of about 50 so you have room to let them dry).

– Place a dollop of hot glue on the wreath.

– Grab the filter by the middle and push it into the hot glue (be careful not to burn your fingers). Repeat with more filters until you have covered the glue.

– Repeat, moving in “rows” across the inside, top and sides of the wreath. The tighter you place the filters, the more textured the wreath with appear.

– Allow to dry completely before hanging with a ribbon, or by attaching some fishing line at the back with hot glue.