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Divine displays

Showcase your favourite collectibles with style

From pop bottles to Wedgwood figurines, there are collections for every style, budget and personality. Often, we don’t start out with a collection in mind, they just evolve in an organic way. All it takes is finding that one thing that sparks your interest.

But once you’ve found that your porcelain teacups or McCoy pottery pieces are suddenly cluttering up every available surface in your home, you’ll know it’s time to take charge and figure out a way to display all your fabulous finds. Following are a few ideas to take your collection from junky to just right.

Tighten the lot
This is a painful one, but once you start editing your collection you’ll feel better (promise!). Go through all your pieces and pull out the extras, doubles and not-quite-rights. Take the time to list them on EBay, give them to friends or donate them to a local charity. Next, try and focus on what makes your collectibles special, like a particular colour, era or style and stick to it. It’ll make your collection more a personal statement and less about accumulating stuff.

There’s no place like home
Look for a spot in your home to place your collection that will surprise and delight you every day. A forgotten hallway can be fitted with shelving, or a large unit in a living space will add style and focus to your decor. IKEA always has smart display solutions.. Choose a simple style and design, so your collection will be the centre of attention.

Three’s a charm
Since you’ve already edited down your collectibles to only the best of the best, this next part is easy. Display your pieces in groups of three or five—odd numbers make a bigger visual impact—and always contrast size and colour for added interest. For a little fun, why not create a revolving art exhibit and regularly change the pieces on show?