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Decorate your table with a signature bowl turned centrepiece

“Tuisku” walnut bowl available at Mjolk

7. “Tuisku” walnut bowl

Tradig bow from IKEA

6. Tradig bowl

“Pebbles” by Kate Hume available at Avenue-Road

5. “Pebbles” bowl

Lacquered Eggshell Irregular bowl

4. Lacquered eggshell irregular bowl

“Khaya” Shallow bowl

3. “Khaya” shallow bowl

Crushed Bowl available at Mjolk

2. Crushed bowl

“Bleus” by Hermes, bowl

1. “Bleus” bowl

During the winter most of us tone down our social agendas and opt for hibernation and seclusion. But as daylight finally extends our days, we start looking at our calendars enthusiastically, and begin looking for any reason to celebrate the end of yet another winter.

The 2011 ‘less-is-more’ mentality means entertaining can be rather stress-free! Think less fussy foods and decor, and explore local, simple ways to make a lasting impression. A magnificent way of wowing your guests is to showcase a fabulous centrepiece. Rather than dressing your table to the nines, allow a treasured accessory, such as a bowl, take centre stage on your table. The bonus is you’ll have an instant conversation piece as guests chat about your favourite family heirloom, artisanal piece, or found treasure. There are no limits as long as it’s extraordinary.

Here are a few of our favourite bowls worthy of a spotlight on your table:

1. “Bleus” porcelain bowl available at Hermes stores in May.

2. Crushed bowl available at Mjolk.

3. “Khaya” shallow bowl available at 18Karat.

4. Lacquered eggshell irregular bowl by Diana von Furstenberg available at Bloomingdale’s.

5. “Pebbles” bowl by Kate Hume available at Avenue-Road.

6. Tradig bowl available at Ikea.

7. “Tuisku” walnut bowl available at Mjolk.