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Custom made tile designs: Beautiful backsplashes with a personal touch

Just when you thought tile shopping would bore you to tears, a Canadian tile company cuts in, creating exhilarating tile design.

Edgewater Studio, tile, custom

Glass, granite and marble medallion

Edgewater Studio, tile, custom

Herringbone art glass mosaic tile

edgewater, studio, classic, glass, connectable, tiles

Classic glass connectable tile

Edgewater, tile, custom

Mosaic flower

Edgewater Studio is suitably on the cutting edge of brilliant tile design. The Vancouver-based company creates astonishing custom designs and installations, each extraordinary and sensationally captivating .

Their custom designs fuse modern technologies with various materials, fitting for any home, office, hotel or restaurant. The spectacular graphic shapes and colors are exquisite, making them an optimal choice when looking to make a statement that leaves anyone (and everyone) awestruck. The team that is Edgewater Studio consists of a Graphic Designer and Interior Designer, who, together, create masterful designs from start to finish.

Their comprehensive design process involves individual developments of conceptual ideas with digital storyboarding, renderings, and other visual representations, following a made-to-order fabrication approach so as to provide undeniable perfection and one-on-one care and delivery. The result: Your own personal tiles that will surely excite, delight, and thrill you to your heart’s content!