Home Decor

Create beautiful (and affordable) art with Instagram

Display your best shots on a console or wall to give your room an instant uplift.


Photo by Sian Richards

In this world of Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram, it’s easy to amass a huge collection of digital photos — but no actual prints. Time to bring the hard copy back! We sent some of our fave snaps to online printing resource posterjack.ca. Three days later we received a package of glossies that included the collage below (centre). Create a curated space in your entryway by framing your favourite snaps. Display them on a console for a warm and friendly — and affordable — way to welcome guests.

Tip: We used duct tape to turn a wooden frame black!


Threshold table, $140, picture frames, $19–$35, candle holders, $10–$15, Target.ca. Instagram collage, $20, prints, $10 each, posterjack.ca.