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The Coolest Trend In Christmas Lights

With new, bendable neon rope lights, your house can get lit.

With LED neon rope lights, a new design that was just released this year, you can tag your house with your own seasonal greeting. These minimalist ribbons of light work inside and out and bend easily so that you can shape the lights into a word to hang on your wall.

Christmas Lights-NOMA 16 Foot Neon Blue Rope Light spells Joy

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Try designing your word on the floor first to practice your loops. Then add a few hooks or nails to the wall and write away. “It’s quite easy to do,” says Tracy Platt, who heads up the product development team at Canadian Tire. “And simply let the rope trail down and pool on the floor for a cool, modern look.” (Or you can take the easy route: wrap the lights around a window frame or door.)

Christmas lights wrap around a post on a front porch

NOMA 16-foot rope light, $37, Canadian Tire.