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Best cozy paint colours

A little discipline is what this needs. So I'm introducing Decorating Mondays, starting off with some cozy paint colours for Blue Monday (renamed Bleak Monday by my buddy Katie.)

I’m craving order. Maybe it’s because my house is in total disarray after a weekend of skiing – seems like winter clothing has taken over the hall. More on that later. So I’m forcing myself to stick to a schedule when it comes to this blog, in an attempt to feel a little calm in my currently slightly chaotic housekeeping!

Decorating Mondays: Check in every week for great products, great paint colours and tips for making your home all around more beautiful.

DIY Wednesdays: Cute and easy projects and crafts. I love those!

Reader Fridays: Super excited about these! Send me your decorating questions by Wednesday, with a photo, at askvirginie@chatelaine.rogers.com. I will pick one question and answer it on Fridays, with suggestions on how to make it better. And don’t be shy, I’m like a doctor, I’ve seen it all and hold no judgement!

So to start off decorating Mondays, here are some great paint colours from Pittsburgh paints:


Traditionally, I would have suggested painting a room that delicious latte brown – it looks so cozy with leather furniture, and the colour is amazing with creams, browns and blues.  It instantly makes you feel like you’re in a coffee house enjoying a latte and reading The New York Times (even if Dora is blaring in the background). But take a look at the promo shot they sent over:


I love the way they painted the walls with that deep teal. Totally unexpected, but feels warm and comfortable. And I feel like it would be easy to update this for spring: remove the antique Persian rugs, layer on some sisal, add lots of linen pillows and some hits of yellow here and there. Oh, and maybe tidy up those shelves! A huge jar of watermelon coloured tulips would be divine. What do you think? Too edgy? I kind of love the messy chaos of this room, but what do you think?