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7 Entryway Ideas To Bring Some Stylish Order To Your Front Hall

Interior designer Lisa Canning shares her tips for creating an organized yet chic front hall.

The front hall is often where our best intentions to get (and stay) organized gathers dust. Shoes, backpacks, keys, errant mittens — if you don’t have a workable system for what goes where, it becomes that much harder to ever leave the house on time. We turned to Toronto interior designer Lisa Canning for some help. Canning creates HGTV-worthy rooms (literally — over the last decade, she’s worked as a production designer on a number of popular shows, including Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers). And she also has a growing family of six kids with a seventh on the way, so she knows how to create beautiful yet practical spaces. Here’s what works for her.

1. Look for a storage unit with shallow drawers.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-Harvest Entryway Console-599-EQ3

Harvest Entryway Console, $599, eq3.com.

It’s ideal to quickly hide mess. I usually recommend one drawer per family member for keys, sunglasses, mail, whatever — we all need a place for the little things.

2. Add a small chair or stylish ottoman.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-two red IKEA chairs

Bjuran, $99, ikea.com.

It’s great for putting on shoes and an easy and affordable way to update the look of your space without a major overhaul.

3. Find a hiding spot.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-woven basket

Moroccan lidded basket, $52, babasouk.ca.

A chic basket is a good place to stash larger items, like a baseball glove or a full-on Lego scene your kid was building on the credenza minutes before company arrived.

4. Get reflective.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-round mirror in a bright entryway

Kit round mirror, $199, cb2.com.

With mirrors, the go-big-or-go-home rule definitely applies. Besides being functional, mirrors help reflect light into small, dark spaces.

5. Double up.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-long blue and grey hallway runner carpet

Ari Runner, 30″ x 84″, Blue, $79, urbanbarn.com.

If there’s room, I always recommend two rugs: a hardy one for wiping off muddy boots and a pretty one that works with the decor. If space is an issue, look for a durable, indoor/outdoor option.

6. Pull it all together.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-faux stone tray on white table

Faux stone decorative tray, $15, simons.ca.

A small, simple tray is a great styling hack for all the disparate elements on your credenza, like books, vases and plants. When you cluster them on a tray, everything looks curated.

7. Follow your nose.

Entryway front hall decor ideas-black diffuser on a white table

Aromaom Black, $90, safe.com.

It can be an amazing space, but not if it smells like old shoes. I love using essential oils to keep my entranceway smelling fresh. I use a programmable diffuser with two scents that I can change depending on what I like feel like.