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5 easy ways to create an efficient, organized entryway

Declutter your entryway and get out the door faster in the morning with these great tips.

1. Use cubbies. Where do mail, scarves, house and car keys go when you walk in the door? Instead of on the floor or the kitchen counter, keep everything in one easy-to-find place like a cubby. We used bike baskets to create a fun organization hub. Tip: Reduce clutter build-up by keeping cubbies small so there’s only room for necessities.

(Photo, Sian Richards.)

Photo, Sian Richards.

2. Ditch the umbrella stand. Instead, use hooks to keep accessories like coats, bags and umbrellas off the floor. Hung on a series of colourful, randomly placed hooks, these items can create a visually appealing wall.

Ikea knobs LOSJON hangers

Hangers, $9, Ikea.

3. Create a message centre using bill clips. Mount a couple of these on a wall in your entryway. Clip in any permission slips and important work notes the night before to ensure they’re not forgotten as you’re running out the door.

Notice board, $72, West Elm.

4. Invest in a bench. If you have enough space, storage benches can instantly reduce clutter — and keeping everything in one place makes mornings feel a little more organized. Place drawer organizers inside the bench and label each section to ensure everything has a place. Tip: If you’re having guests over, place throw pillows on your bench to create a seating area for them to put on shoes and boots.

Photo, Janice Nicolay.

Photo, Janis Nicolay.

5. Invest in baskets. If your space isn’t big enough for a storage bench, baskets are a great alternative — and make it easy for kids to chuck their bike helmets, mittens and other accessories into. Before the school year starts, take a few minutes to organize the summer accessories you may still have out. Tip: Baskets with lids keep clutter out of sight.

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

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