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10 things to get your kitchen organized

Unclutter your counters and make cooking in your kitchen a more enjoyable experience with these 10 items that not only look good, but will save you precious time

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Roberto Caruso

1. PC Stoneware salt pig, $8.00, President’s Choice.
Because seasoning your food shouldn’t involve opening cupboards.

2.  Kershaw knives and holder, $119.95, The Cook’s Place.
Because it’s pretty, and comes in its own case, and well, cuts like a knife.



3. Ricardo 2-in-1 butcher block with plastic insert board, $60, Sears.
Because it has a place to slide chopped veggies or discarded peelings onto, and a second, washable, retractable board for cutting things like chicken.



4. KitchenAid 300-series immersion blender, $150. KitchenAid.
Because it replaces a blender, whisk, beaters and small food processor.



5. Nespresso CitiZ, $300, Nespresso.
Because it’s tiny and makes a mean cup of joe.



6. Over-the-cabinet caddy with paper towel holder, $16. Crate & Barrel.
Because it gets stuff off of the counter.


7. Simplehuman sink caddy. $20, Crate & Barrel.
Because it has suction cups, and hides everything in the sink.


8. Billy bookcase with Morebo doors, $160, Ikea.
Because Billy is all grown up in the kitchen and makes for a perfect shallow pantry if you don’t have one.


9. Simplehuman fingerprint-proof recycling station, $160. Simplehuman.
Because it keeps your trash organized on the inside and smudge-free on the outside.



10. Starfrit collapsible salad spinner. $60. The Bay.
Because soggy salad is lousy, but salad spinners take up too much room.