Decorate your tree with colourful DIY yarn ornaments

Blogger and stylist Marie-Eve Best shows us how to give ornaments a mod update with yarn.


Photo by Sian Richards

We asked blogger and stylist Marie-Eve Best to share a fun Christmas craft, her favourite holiday tradition, and what she hopes to find under the Christmas tree.


The craft: Colour-blocked yarn ornaments

It’s tough to find traditional decorations that fit into a modern space! I love mixing colourful elements with nostalgic touches, so I decided to update traditional Christmas tree ornaments by wrapping them in pretty pastel yarn in minimalist patterns.

Here’s what you’ll need

Several balls of yarn in a colour palette of your choice (make sure they don’t contain plastic fibres, which could melt with the heat of the glue gun)

Hot glue gun

Styrofoam balls of various sizes (found at most crafting stores)

Thin cord (we suggest gold, silver or very thin twine)


1. Begin by creating a small loop in your cord and securing it with a knot. This will be what you use to attach your ball to the tree branches.

2. Using your hot glue gun, dab a small dot of glue on the styrofoam ball and attach your looped cord. This will now become the “top” of your ball and your starting point.

3. Hold your glue gun in one hand and have your yarn handy. Apply a light circle of glue around the base of your looped cord and quickly begin to dab the yarn onto it. You want to gently press the yarn down onto the glue without it getting all over your hands. It might take you a few tries before you find a good rhythm.

4. Continue to use this technique — applying a string of glue around the ball and following it with yarn — until you’ve covered half of the ball.

5. For a colour-blocked effect, cut the yarn where desired and make sure to properly glue down the tip. Then begin where you left off using your new colour of yarn. I recommend mixing patterns so cover some balls in one solid colour and colour-block others.

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Favourite holiday tradition: The fondue dinner my family hosts on Christmas Eve. I don’t think any of us actually like fondue anymore, but we’re adamant that it must take place. My father, who is colour blind, likes to pretend he can’t decipher between the fondue forks, so he just grabs whatever is in front of him and we all make a big fuss.


Under the tree: I hope to find a Pendleton blanket and a good bottle of scotch!

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