Workout songs: A playlist for an upbeat walk

I don't have a car, which means I do a lot of walking — and I don't mind, actually. It's nice to get some exercise in while I'm heading to and from work, or doing errands.


I don’t have a car, which means I do a lot of walking — and I don’t mind, actually. It’s nice to get some exercise in while I’m heading to and from work, or doing errands. Also, it’s a great way to see the city; I love exploring a new-to-me neighbourhood on foot.

I’ve noticed that the music I’m listening to on my iPhone definitely influences the pace at which I get from point A to point B. For that reason, I’ve put together a playlist of upbeat tunes to keep my feet moving quickly, and to make my walks even more enjoyable.

Terri’s urban navigator playlist:

1. Walk in the Park by Beach House: This one is thematically appropriate, I suppose. It builds to a nice crescendo that’ll have you speeding up without realising it.

2. Crazy For You by Best Coast: The entire album hits everything that I really love musically — girl-group influences, poppy indie rock, and songs about boys — but this track in particular will put some bounce in your step.

3. Cheated Hearts by Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Their last album was poppier than some of their earlier releases, but that makes this Yeah Yeah Yeahs track a great fit for an upbeat playlist.

4. Buddy Holly by Weezer: Don’t tell me that you can listen to this song and not feel happy. I won’t believe you.

5. Feel A Whole Lot Better by Tom Petty: I love classic tracks as well as newer music, and this is one of my favourites from Petty.

6. Barely Legal by the Strokes: It’s hard to believe that this disc is ten years old now, because every track on it still sounds really fresh — good when you’re looking for a song to get you fired up.

7. I Turn My Camera On by Spoon: If you’d like to get put a little strut in your step, this is the song to do it.

8. Sunday Morning by No Doubt:
This song makes me feel like I’m 16 again — that’s not always a good thing, but it is in this case.

9. Everything’s Just Wonderful by Lily Allen: I’ve never loved one of Allen’s albums as much as I loved her first, but this track still stands up. It’s a good one for a day when you’re not feeling so hot.

10. Back To Black by Amy Winehouse: This is a good track to wind down with, though it still has a steady beat and a ton of attitude.