Why we love summer!

Two-scoop drippy ice cream cones. Sleeping in front of the fan. Picking strawberries eating them right off the plants. Summer mid-day outdoor swims.

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Two-scoop drippy ice cream cones. Sleeping in front of the fan. Picking strawberries and eating them right off the plants. Mid-day outdoor swims. Digging toes into the hot beach sand. Scooping up smooth shells from the shores of Lake Huron. Hamburgers. Sitting by the splash pad and letting the mist catch me as my kids cool off. Barbecues with friends. Summer blockbuster movies. The sound of lawn mowers. Not having to rush the kids off to school. Listening to birds chip in the morning. Beachy summer reads. The squeals and shrieks from my kids in the sprinkler. Rollercoasters. Living in T-shirts. The smell of sunscreen. Store-bought freezies. Freshly pedicured toes. Summer runs in the dusk. Canada Day.

Really, this is just a sample of the things that make me happy during my favourite season of the year. I asked on Facebook and Twitter what makes you happy about summer? Here’s what you shared with me.

Relaxed pace, not packing school lunches, firing my blow dryer, camp fires, light evenings, cycling, road trips, lake swims! – Catherine Cameron

That signature smell of summer, wearing no pants (dresses!) and free toes in my flip flops. Nicole Wray

Love getting to spend time near/at/in the water #thankfultoliveinthecityoflakes #5minutesfromtheocean Kimberley Morrissey

Nothing makes me happier in the summer then actually getting outside early in the morning. I have three kids aged 5 and under and it’s hard to get everyone outside early but if I can actually accomplish it, I am so thankful for the way the morning sunlight looks and the cool warmth of the morning. Summer mornings are even better when you are up early and you are on your way to the cottage, driving with the windows open and a Tim Horton’s in your hand. This summer I am going to try to remember how happy this makes me and force myself to get outside in the morning as often as I can. — Lindsay Jones Murray

More daylight, everything’s in bloom so lots of colour, drinks on a terrace, dinner on the deck, birds at 4 am Esther Buchsbaum 

Day trips with my niece and nephew, picnics in the park and just enjoying the simple things! Olga Petrik

Longer days, family gatherings (with extended family), camping and sitting on the front porch sipping a cool beverage and watching my 3 yr old eat a freezie. Simple, good times.Hazel Collins

What makes me happy about summer are flexible bedtimes — no stopwatch on family fun! Michelle Luelo

Summer’s happiness comes from the slower pace, the warm sun and delicious fresh fruit. #exhale Stephanie

Love spending time outdoors with my family! Fresh air, BBQ, good food and drinks and worn out kids! 😉 Pam McLellan-Zmija

What about summer makes you happy? Please share with us!

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