Why I'll keep giving you straight talk on

You people give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.


You people give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Last week I wrote a health blog about the anniversary of launching the new, and a whole lot of comments were written there. Nice comments.

When it comes to what you like about the health section of the website, there are two recurring themes: recipes and attitude.

I don’t do any recipes. I’m a pretty good cook, but certainly not good enough to write about it. So all the recipe love was for other writers. However, there were some love-the-attitude comments as well.

A few people mentioned me by name, saying they keep an eye out for my stuff — there’s that aforementioned feelings of warmth and fuzziness.

Here is a sample of what you said you like:

  • “love how the site navigates through all the BS of the fitness world and gives you what you need to know”
  • “the best health tip I have gotten from this site is to love myself right now in the body I am right now but to strive to improve even just a little bit each day”
  • “The no bull style is exactly what I love”
  • “love the way you remind us that being healthy is not rocket science or magic”
  • “what I really love is the way you tell it like it is and trash all the fads and bogus health claims out there”
  • “Thank you to J. Fell for all his no-nonsense information delivered in a wacky, humourous way.”

There were a lot of other great comments about what people appreciate, but from what I listed above I’m getting the feeling that you, my dear readers, like the attitude. You dig it when I rip apart so-called miracle weight-loss claims and bogus health products, and you appreciate me telling you the straight facts.

So I promise to keep on doing just that.

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