Why he dumped you

Wonder why he stopped calling? We asked men across the country to explain themselves

Whether it’s a first date or a long-term relationship when you get dumped there’s only one question: Why? Here Canadian guys aged 23 to 64 tell us why they’ve broken up with women in the past.

“There was nothing wrong with her, I just wanted to try something new.” – Jeff, 39

“She was a stage five clinger. Months after we broke up, she moved into my neighbourhood – and she just got a job at my work place last week. Nightmare.” – Sean, 32

“We didn’t have anything in common… apparently after a few months, opposites no longer attract.” – Dave, 43

“She refused to change her terrible perfume… it made me ill.” – Anonymous, 35

“She listened to really, really bad music.” – Don, 38

“She always wanted me to exercise with her… and I was in way better shape… it was annoying. Just let me eat a bag of cookies, if I want.” – Carl, 41

“She had fat hands.” – Paul, 23

“She was better than me at sports and knew a lot about cars… too tomboy for my liking.” – Stephen, 40

“She had her period all over my pants – and this was long before Superbad ever came out… it was just too nasty to get past.” – Anonymous, 31

“She didn’t realize how perfect I was.” – Doug, 30

“We could never be spur of the moment because she took WAY too long to get ready and would never just go out in a t-shirt and jeans.” – Craig, 33

“Well, this was years ago now – because I’ve been married for over 40 years… but, I once dumped a girl because she wouldn’t take her shoes off at a sock-hop (dance) – that’s just weird. I wonder what she was hiding.” – Mike, 64

“When I met her mom she popped out her glass eye and said, ‘now don’t you try anything…cause I’ve got my eye on you…’ and then waved the eyeball in my face. DEFINITELY didn’t call that girl again.” – Andrew, 24

“She had a really gross mole on her side.” – Clement, 24

“She treated her dog like a human and dressed him up.” – Fillip, 25

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