What makes you great!

From your natural breasts to your courage to survive, we celebrate your best qualities

Are you the world’s best listener? Do you love your laugh lines? We asked you to tell us about your best feature and what you had to say was truly inspiring. Read on to find out what you’re most proud of!

My best feature is my breasts. Sixteen years ago, at the tender age of 22, I found myself completely alone after less than two years of marriage. I knew then that leaving a bad marriage was the best decision for me. However, I had little support from family and friends. My self-esteem was low. Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful shapely women and I wondered why any man would find me physically attractive. I made the decision to have my breasts altered. When the surgeon told me of the possible risks, including the possibility of never being able to breastfeed, I froze. At the time, having kids was the furthest thing from my mind, but it was right then and there that I decided to make peace with my breasts. Years later I am happy to say that I’ve successfully breastfed three beautiful children, filled out some divine dresses and even learned to appreciate and embrace breasts that some might call saggy.
Karen Mondok, Toronto

What makes me great is my ability to make people laugh. Laughter is wonderful…especially when I’ve supplied the punch line! I feel good when I say something witty enough to make my brothers and nephews chuckle. There is a feeling of closeness that comes from a laugh shared with family, friends or co-workers.
Maureen Walker, Edmonton

I love my eyes! I’ve always gotten compliments on them and, now that I’m over 40, I have developed crinkles and laugh lines, which I adore. Strangers comment on my eyes, which is a nice feeling. But the main reason they’re my favourite feature is because of who I see when I look at them: myself, my mum and my grandmother. It reminds me that I am a blend of these people and helps to keep them close.
Karen Walsh, Green Valley, Ont.

My growing sense of courage is what I like best about myself. In years past, I let fear stand in my way and hid behind an armour of excess weight. But last September, I had adjustable gastric lapbanding surgery. It’s taken a lot of strength to get to this point and to deal with issues rising to the surface as a result of my surgery. But I’m out of a cage-like existence now and I’m finally learning how to live!
Susan McKie, Oakville, Ont.

What I love most about myself is my ability to accept others for who they are. It doesn’t matter where a person comes from or what kind of clothes they wear. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old – I love and respect them all. We are all a part of humankind and I value the laughs, love and lessons I receive from each and every individual I come into contact with.
Denise O’Neill, Kitimat, B.C.

What I love best about me is my chest! Not my breasts, my chest. It is strong, lean and sporty and looks great in cute tank tops and elegant V-neck sweaters. Being a competitive figure skater in my youth helped me to be aware of my chest. At 35, I keep it strong with yoga and Pilates. It is wonderful to be a woman proud of her healthy chest and not just her breasts.
Laurie Secko, Toronto

What makes me great is that I have a ton of common sense and I give thoughtful advice when asked. I really care about people and want them to be happy in their lives, so I like to help where needed.
Pam Jessen, Calgary

A lot of young girls are insecure because of the models they see. I’m not one of them! My best features are my legs, back and stomach. All three represent the amount of skill and effort it takes to become a decent dancer and the muscles are well-defined, which makes me even prouder to say that they belong to me!
Stephanie Pollard, Oshawa, Ont.