What do men like?

Real guys confess the things they love most about women

1. We always have tabs on their things. “It doesn’t matter what I’m looking for, hockey socks, my watch, my girlfriend always knows exactly where it is in our place and it amazes me every time.” Mike, 30

2. Most of the time, we’re the gentler sex. “I’d have to say it’s that you’re soft – your skin, hair and touch, your ability to tell when we’re emotionally vulnerable, your instincts to spoil us like a favourite nephew and bring out the boyish charm (not to be confused with childish behaviour). If a man was designed to bash ‘em over the head with a bat, a woman is hardwired to kill them with kindness.” Chris, 34

3. We get all dolled up. “I like the time women take to get “ready” for a night out – there is something mysterious about the process and the waiting for the final product is a nice tease.” Baron, 36

4. We know what they’re feeling before they do – some of the time. “I like that most women can read my mind for thoughts both good and not so good – sometimes it’s like an early warning for what I’m about to say.” Scott, 36

5. We’re good friends. “I like the fact that my wife’s friends would probably kill me if she asked them to. I like all that girl power togetherness stuff.” Stuart, 39

6. We can flirt and get away with it. “The butcher my wife goes to gives her the eye every time. She flirts with him shamelessly, but I don’t mind. Maybe because he’s 71 and shorter than Papa Smurf, but mostly because it makes me feel good that guys recognize she’s hot.” Shawn, 40

7. It’s all the simple things. “Women just smell better than we do” “Waists and hips” “When my wife holds the baby. It’s the maternal instinct.” “They’re so much prettier than we are.”