The must-have app to keep your medicine cabinet in order

MyMedRec brings seven of the leading health care organizations into one app and keeps you alert to when it's time to take your supplements and medications.

MyMedRec app
Opening the medicine cabinet can be a daunting task. From daily supplements to prescriptions, your at-home pharmacy can feel overwhelming and keeping track of what you should take and when can seem impossible. But not anymore! MyMedRec is here to save the day and solve all of your medicinal worries.

What is it?

  • A free Canadian app for your iPhone that is easy-to-use and globally available.
    • It’s a portable health record for you and your family.
    • It’s also a handy reminder for when to take your daily dosage and refill your prescriptions.

The brains behind the brilliance

  • This app is the latest installment in Canada’s ‘Knowledge is the best medicine,’ program, which has been active since 1994.
  • It was created and launched by seven of our leading health care organizations:
    • Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies
    • Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada
    • Canadian Medical Association
    • Canadian Nurses Association
    • Canadian Pharmacists Association
    • Victorian Order of Nurses
    • Best Medicines Coalition

Who would love it?

  • Whether you take prescriptions or vitamins, you’re sure to find it helpful. However, it may be particularly appealing to parents trying to organize a family or individuals who take a number of daily medications.

Making your day easier

  • This app has a number of features that will simplify your life, including:
    • ‘Take your medicine’ reminders.
    • Medicinal records.
    • An archive for medicine you no longer need, but may need again (you never know).
    • Numerous profiles to track health information for the whole family.
    • Additional (optional) security that will encrypt your data and protect it with your selected pass code.
    • Medical appointments and prescription refill dates can be easily added to your iPhone’s calendar.
    • If your doc or pharmacist needs your medical history it can be emailed from this app with the click of a button.
    • You can snap a pic of any medication label and store it in a database.

Where can you get it?