Seven celebs share their best gift ideas this Christmas

From Jennie Garth to Jillian Michaels, find out what the stars are giving, and hoping to receive, this holiday season!

We’ve got the scoop on what some of your favourite celebs want to find under the tree this Christmas:

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth, 90210
“The best gift anyone can receive is a gift that gives back and helps others. A charity such as Project Angel Food can give back to those in need during this holiday season. It feels good to give back.”

Annalynne McCord
AnnaLynne McCord, 90210
“I give my time to several charities. The holiday time is just so important for the many families who no longer can afford to give presents and I truly love helping those less fortunate. I love the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans. I was just there helping to build houses for the victims of Katrina.”

Alison Sweeney
Allison Sweeney, The Biggest Loser
“I’d love a weekend getaway with my family for a holiday gift. We love to ski, hike and just be active together so a family ski trip weekend would be a great gift! I’d also love a new yoga mat. I love yoga, but often find the yoga mats at studios a bit dodgy. I think it’s a great gift, and maybe something people don’t buy for themselves. Also, the subtext of it, encouraging fitness is there, without necessarily the ‘you need to lose weight’ message that is a turn off in gift-giving!

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Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels, trainer
“This year I think the gift that would get me most excited would be a good night’s sleep! With a baby and a toddler at home, that is definitely something that is hard to come by and would definitely be a welcome holiday surprise!”

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Kristin McGee
Celebrity trainer Kristin McGee
“A healthy gift I want for myself is a massage gift certificate,” said yoga fitness trainer Kristin McGee, who has trained celebs like Tina Fey, Ben and Christine Stiller, and LeAnn Rimes. “I love to be pampered and work out so much, it’s a wonderful thing to get a great therapeutic rub down! It also helps reduce cortisol levels. It’s something I don’t splurge on enough for myself!”

Sharon Lawrence
Sharon Lawrence, Drop Dead Diva and Rizzoli & Isles
“I am not really a shopper” confesses the  star. “The worst thing I can do is leave things for the last minute because then I am impulse buying. What I really love to give is gift certificates, like for Heifer International. I really believe in using the holiday as a way to support non-profits. I do that much more than gifts. In my family, we all recognize we don’t need all the things we have. Sometimes it’s about cleaning out the closet, and gifting something to someone I know who had admired it. I am really ready to make room for less in my life!”

Brenda Strong
Brenda Strong, Dallas
“I collect things throughout the year and then when I see something that’s really special for someone, I buy it. This is really so fun to do, especially when I travel. For example, I went to Ireland last year, and I brought back winter things for Christmas time, so I pre-purchased my gifts in June! For me, it’s all about finding something unique — that makes all the difference in the world!”

What’s your favourite gift to give or receive?