Six monthly apps to take the guesswork out of Aunt Flo

Not sure when your period's due? Think you might be pregnant? Use these apps to make things clearer.

young woman relaxing in a spa holding cell phone

Find out how your mobile phone can help you keep your period on track. (Photo, Istock.)

1. Period Tracker Lite
By noting the start date of your period for three consecutive months, this app will calculate the average and help predict when your next one will begin. It also allows you to view your future cycle dates, monitor your moods, keep track of symptoms and alert you to when you are ovulating and most fertile (via your phone’s calendar function).

2. Fertility Friend
This app tracks your menstrual cycles to create an ovulation and fertility chart. Once you become pregnant, there is also a pregnancy tracker. The app integrates with the website fertilityfriend.com to give a more comprehensive view of what’s going on, and also provides resources including videos, tutorials, books and quizzes.

3. myPill
For the girl who can’t remember when and/or if she took her pill, this app acts as a daily reminder to take your birth control (works for pill, ring and patch forms of contraception). It also has a “snooze” feature, so you can postpone the alert but not miss your daily dosage. It serves up reminders for when you need to schedule future doctor’s appointments, renew and/or refill prescriptions as well. The prediction feature also helps inform you of when you can expect to get your period over the course of the next six months (which makes vacation planning easier).

4. BabyBump
A great tool for the countdown until your due date. This app allows you to track your baby’s development as well as monitor contractions (to advise you when it’s time to go tot he hospital). Other features include discussion forums (that allow you to connect with other pregnant women), a baby-name search and e-commerce for recommended baby items.

Created by physicians, this app offers answers for more than 1,000 questions regarding female reproductive health. There’s no need to feel embarrassed — the answers to everything you could ever want to know are at the tips of your fingers. Although this is not a replacement for your doctor, it’s a great tool nonetheless.

6. Glow: Fertility and Ovulation Tracker
This free app is linked to the world’s first fertility funding community, Glow First. It’s a great tool for fertility recommendations and reminders, plus it features a calendar to help you keep track of your appointments and progress. Easily accessible charts and data help make visits to your doctor that much easier too!

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