Time out

Sometimes i need a few days to just process everything that is happening. I need a time out of answering questions and being happy....but then it passes and all is good

My apologies – i know i missed a week of posting but i was having technical difficulties. My computer completely crashed and i just got a new one. So, back up and running. This post is from last week and while i am feeling better now i have to tell you that when i recorded this i was not in the best frame of mind. Nothing particular had happened. No one had given me any news. Just sometimes i feel down. It lasts a few days and then i am able to pull myself out of it but i think all of us get into a funk sometimes. I also think we are all entitled to feel that way every once in a while. Everyone has problems and issues that weigh them down. For the most part we are able to put on a happy face and walk the walk but when we can’t hopefully those around us are sympathetic and patient enough to wait it out. Hopefully we are patient with ourselves….