The importance of keeping a health journal

What happened when health editor Laurie Jennings took her own advice and started a health journal to overcome a sluggish time.

Woman writing in a food journal


I’m one of those people who are usually bouncing off the walls. So when I went through a sluggish spell recently, I was left perplexed. After all, I exercised regularly and was eating well — or so I thought. To get to the bottom of it, I took some advice we’ve printed on these very pages and started a health journal. I wrote down what I ate, plus my workouts, energy levels and daily sleep patterns. Let’s just say it was enlightening. I learned that I was treating myself to simple carbs and sweets “just this once” — all proven to throw off blood sugar — way more than I realized. And I was letting life get in the way of a good sleep. Your turn! Share your own health discoveries with me on Twitter.

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