The best celebrity trainers on Twitter

From Lady Gaga's newest healthy snack to Jen Aniston's favourite yoga pose, I love reading up on celebrity fitness news and gossip for a little inspiration.

From Lady Gaga’s newest healthy snack to Jen Aniston’s favourite yoga pose, I love reading up on celebrity fitness news and gossip for a little inspiration. And as many of the most in-shape stars will attest, their eating habits, motivation levels, and rock solid red-carpet-ready bods would be a whole different story without a tough trainer on their case.

Since I can’t pay a few hundred an hour for my own pro personal drill sergeant, I’m turning to the next best thing: the top trainers’ Twitter accounts. They dish out daily fitness advice, share their own ups and downs, and shed insight on their star clients (because even Heidi Klum has bad gym days!). You can find out about new product releases (often with added behind-the-scenes info) and ask questions directly to your guru for a chance to receive a virtual one-on-one session via Twitter reply, free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Start following these tweeting experts for regular health tidbits minus the price tag:

@MyTrainerBob Celeb clients include Selma Blair and Ellen DeGeneres
Recent tweet: “So I switched up my morning by starting my day off with a bowl of @QuakerOats Oatmeal Squares. Did you get your whole grains today?”

@johndamon Celeb clients include Kristin Cavallari
Recent tweet: “You must love your workouts!!! It doesn’t matter. Yoga, weights, boxing, classes, or pilates. Go get some!!!!”

Celeb clients include Serena Williams and Carmen Electra
Recent tweet: “Exercise & Healthy eating needs to become a regular habit just like brushing your teeth. It’s your internal hygiene.”

Celeb clients include Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway

Recent tweet: “Combining a mix of leg, butt and abs exercises in a mini express workout will get you in jean season shape in no time….”

@ValerieWaters Celeb clients include Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel
Recent tweet: “Bit by bit, meal by meal, bite by bite, workout by workout, rep by rep. That is how you get in shape. No magic wand. Get to work!”

@harleypasternak Celeb clients include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, and Katy Perry

Recent tweet: “Went swimming at public pool yesterday for my first time. AMAZING WORKOUT/CALORIE BURN. Find a public pool near you and mix it up!”

@JillianMichaels Celeb clients include Maria Shriver
Recent tweet: “Ok need a little feedback… which DVD are you liking better, Ripped in 30 or Killer Buns & Thighs, and why? Or do you like them equally?”

Celeb clients include Dr. Oz
Recent tweet: “FIT TIP: Being malnutrioned doesn’t help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Be sure you take a daily multivitamin!”

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