The Amazing Vanishing Blog Post!

If you checked in yesterday, you might now notice that there is a post missing; one in which I was letting off steam about a fruitless and frustrating encounter at my hospital on Friday. I may have even said some lets call them colourful things about the person I had the displeasure of encountering. Anyway, my dad lives in the States, where people are forever suing each other, and he thought my post might be a bit slanderous, so I pulled it.  But I wonder if I should have? Apart from a few speculations about this person’s pressing extra-curricular appointments, nothing I wrote was untrue. I may have resorted to name-calling, yes, but at best that makes me uncharitable and at worst, immature. Is it really grounds for a lawsuit? And who sues a cancer patient for complaining about a doctor’s (appalling, unacceptable) lack of bedside manner? Wouldn’t that be terrible press for the hospital? Well, the unofficial (that means free) advice I got from a lawyer friend was “tone it down or take it down” so we may never know — the post has been pulled. Let me be clear: not because I think it was in any way slanderous, but because if someone else thinks it is (like a team of hospital-backed lawyers, for instance) then the person in question wins and I end up with something to really be irked about — and nowhere to blog about it. *For the record I’m not talking about my oncologist. I love my oncologist and if anyone badmouths her they’ll incur my verbose and scathing ire. This other guy however, Well, you know what they say: if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!