The 10 best health experts to follow on Twitter

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Last week The Huffington Post came out with their top 20 fitness experts to follow on Twitter, and I made the list! You can find me on slide 13, and you really should, because the tweet promotes this Chatelaine article. Cool stuff. (Also, note the Rush background.)

Also cool is that I am the only person on that list who is not American. Go Canada!

I’ve compiled 10 of the people I like to follow for health and fitness news that includes a collection of doctors, writers and health academics (in no particular order). Read on and let me know who your favourite health and fitness tweeps are!

1. Dr. Mark Haub
He’s the Kansas State University human nutrition professor who proved you could lose weight by eating snack foods like Twinkies and Doritos as long as caloric balance was negative. It was a powerful way to drive home the point of how weight loss really is a math formula of calories in being less than calories out.

2. Timothy Caulfield
University of Alberta professor of health law and science policy and author of The Cure for Everything.

3. Dr. Yoni Freedhoff
Obesity MD in Ottawa who has informed my thinking more than most on the science of sustainable weight loss. A friend too.

4. Julia Belluz
Toronto-based health writer and “Science-ish” blogger for

5. Andy Bellatti
A registered dietitian in Las Vegas with a whole foods, plant-based approach.

6. André Picard
The public health reporter at the Globe and Mail who seems to like the articles I write about running.

7. Lisa Johnson
Pilates expert in the Boston area and guru of social media who regularly does engaging Q&A sessions with her many followers.

8. Scott Gavura
Toronto-based pharmacist who advocates for science-based healthcare. A skeptic and critic of pseudo-science.

9. Stuart Phillips
Kinesiology professor at McMaster University who questions long-held beliefs about exercise methodologies. A true skeptic who loves to ask tough questions.

10. Nancy Clark
Massachusetts-based registered dietitian. She’s not a sport nutrition expert; she’s THE sport nutrition expert.

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