Starting my clinical trial: Ovarian cancer blog

I have now started the clinical trial. Is it working? The lack of side effects is making me nervous...

Elana Waldman

I have started my clinical trial and am taking the pills every day. Although I get a little light headed for about an hour after I take the pills, I have few other side effects. I know, “careful what you wish for.” I also know that with the cumulative build up of the drug in my system that the side effects will probably get worse also, but there is some comfort in knowing that something is happening inside your body. It’s a catch-22 because you want the side effects as an indication that something is working, but you don’t want to feel lousy. ARGH! On another note, check out the cool title in my video and that fact that I merged 2 together!!! Soooooo fun. Super easy with the Flip video and software – who knew I was such a tekkie 🙂