Some Happy News

Today I’m going to the hospital for something wonderful, for a change:  My niece, Chloe Campbell Coppen (as if that moniker doesn’t scream “destined for greatness”) was born last night, weighing in at 8 lbs. 3 oz! My adorable brother, The Prince of Schmaltz at the best of times, has been transformed into a bag of happy emotional mush.  My amazing sister-in-law is “doing fine” as men always write when they send out birth announcements – meaning that she is in good health and spirits but probably ripped, stitched, exhausted and quite likely still reverberating with the force of the universe that just tidal-waved its way though her body to bring another human life into being. Oh, and trying to learn to breastfeed to boot.  Ah, women.  We’re so unbelievably heroic.  Welcome little Chloe!

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