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Wise guys

What do you do when your guy doesn’t like to smooch? Our all-male panel weighs in.

Dear Wise Guys:
Is it true that not all people like to kiss? I love to – I think it’s so intimate and arousing – but my partner seems to have lost interest. He never initiates necking, and all I get is an occasional kiss good morning or goodbye. Should I be worried or is this normal?

Dave, a happily married man, says:
Maybe you need to examine your role in the decline of kissing. Guys kiss as a prelude to sex (that’s just the way it is), so if his advances have been rebuffed lately, he may no longer feel the urge to try. Take the kissing initiative and remind him what he’s missing!

Bruce, a pal to countless gals, says:
While kissing may be your favourite form of foreplay, your man might be hoping for something else. Sit down, talk about your top turn-ons and he’ll realize how much kissing means to you. Plus, you’ll find out how to push his foreplay buttons, too (and then you can push them!). He’ll almost certainly return the favour with the kind of hot and heavy make out session you’ve been craving.

Patrick, brother of two sisters, says:
He may be soft on lip-locking because he finds it too stimulating, he’s worried about his breath or worse – he’s worried about yours! If you tell him you find kissing intimate and arousing and it means a lot to you, and he still won’t pucker up, that may be a discouraging sign. But before you assume the worst, gargle hardy, put on your tastiest lip gloss and give him your best mouth-to-mouth. There may be people who don’t like to kiss, but even those grumpy-lips would find it hard to resist such delicious temptation.