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What’s your sex IQ?

Think you're a pro on everything there is to know about nookie? Test your sex-pertise with these questions.

Sex IQ

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1. Outside the bedroom, where’s the most common place we have sex?

The movie theatre.
The car.
The airplane.

Answer: The car

Fully two-thirds of us admit we’ve been frisky in the back seat. In a global sex survey, Canadians also admitted getting turned on in the bathroom, in the garden and on the beach. Eight percent have even taken a tumble on public transit. Makes your master-bedroom queen look a little ho-hum, doesn’t it?

2. When your guy gets steamy, what part of his anatomy – besides the obvious – increases in size by 25 to 50%?

His testicles.
His brain.
His heart.

Answer:His testicles

They’re engorging and filling with blood just like certain other body parts. Why not explore this erogenous zone? He may really go for your soft caresses, not to mention a little light licking. Aim for the raphe (that line down the middle of his testicles).

3. How many of us have used a vibrator during sex?



If you’re part of the have-not half, consider that there’s nothing wrong with adding a new toy to your playroom. There are lots of colours and styles to choose from. When vibe shopping, remember that cheaper rubbers may irritate sensitive skin. Electrically powered toys tend to be well made, but those running on batteries are less costly – and portable.

4. If you had to give the condom a grade in its power to prevent pregnancy, would it be B, A or even A+?


Answer: A+

Condoms work 98% of the time, when used properly. (“Properly” means using a new condom every time – and, yes, checking the expiry date!) If your man rags about wearing a rubber, lube it up! Slather some water-based lubricant on the outside of the condom. And the icing on the cake? A drop of lube inside the condom, before he even puts it on. He’ll find a way to express his gratitude.

5. What’s the world’s number one body-part fetish?

Ear lobe

Answer: Feet

We’re attracted to feet more than any other non-sexual body part. Find your inner fetishist by enjoying your partner’s puppies. Massage his feet, and suck or lick his toes. Throw in scented oil, and he’ll be begging for tootsie attention.

6. What percentage of women have orgasms through intercourse?

Under 10%.
30 to 40%.
60 to 70%.

Answer: 30% to 40%

Feeling left out? Often, the reason your bells don’t ring is because the sweet spot, your clitoris, just isn’t getting enough attention. After all, most of your genitals’ nerve endings are clustered here, not inside the booty. Try new positions, or some hands-on action while you’re hot and heavy.

7. Some women tend to get bladder infections after a roll in the hay. Is there anything they can do about it – besides swearing off sex?

No, forget about it.
Depends on the time of the month.
You bet.

Answer: You bet

To keep a romantic night from turning nasty and itchy later, use a little lube if you’re on the dry side. Visit the bathroom right after the act to help wash away bad bugs. And if you’re using a diaphragm, consider switching to a different method of birth control.

8. Canadians say this is their favourite sexual fantasy. What is it?

Naughty student, scolding professor.
Sex with a movie star.
Sex with a third party.

Answer: Sex with a movie star

Sex with a movie star, which weighs in at 42%. So if you’re dreaming about Brad Pitt, be warned – you may have competition from a crowd of randy Canadian women.

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