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Want a more romantic Valentine's Day? Use these handy apps

10 smartphone apps to assist you in all your Valentine's Day needs

Forget the card store this year—look to your phone or iPad for all your Valentine’s needs such as selecting music or picking the perfect card for your partner. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day applications to download now to line up the perfect romantic day this Feb.14th.

1. Valentine RADIO (Free): This app has collected 20 romantic radio stations streaming from around the world, which means you might catch love songs from Russia, the Philippines, Columbia and more. Get it here.

2. Make Love Note (.99 cents):
Not everyone can pen a love poem or note like Shakespeare. If you struggle with expressing your feelings, this love note generator strikes up funny, romantic, even sexy messages to send to your beloved via e-mail or Facebook, complete with audio accompaniment. Download it now.

3. Great Dates—Fun Date Ideas (.99 cents):
Sometimes it’s hard to break out of the dinner-and-a-movie date ideas. And while this date idea generator promises 114 ideas for a date and some border on the cheesy (airbrush t-shirts together anyone?) there are some that are sweet and romantic (creating a living room candlelit picnic). Need to be over 17-years-old to download. Pick it up here.

4. A Valentine’s Day Quizzle (Free): Do you know the Latin name for Saint Valentine? (Valentinus.) Or what the average cost of a wedding is in America? ($25,000) If you’re a Jeopardy fan, you might like this little V-day trivia app to get you through your morning commute. Get it now.

5. Valentine’s Countdown (Free):
If you’re like me and sometimes forget what day of the week it is, you’ll appreciate this Valentine’s Day countdown application. The picture on your device—whether it’s the heart that comes with the app, or a picture of your loved one that you insert, becomes gradually bigger the closer Valentine’s Day gets. Cute music alert along with the app. Load it here.


6. Top 100 Love Songs ($1.99): Calling Marvin Gaye, REO Speedwagon and Stevie Wonder. Rather than search iTunes to make a love-themed playlist for February 14th, download this and stream it on the big night. Buy it now.

7. Sex Game (Free): Want to break your bedroom boredom? Download this app (you have to be over 17) to play truth or dare with your partner on Valentine’s. But if you do play, be prepared to divulge how many partners you’ve had (if you haven’t already) or try the “Atten-Hut” or the “Sitting Lotus.” Definitely not an app for the shy person. Download it now.

8. Be Mine Lite (Free): A Valentine’s Day card creator for your device. Send these sweet and cute cards via Facebook or e-mail and save a tree this Valentine’s Day. Download it now.

9. I Love Quotes (Free): Get some inspiration for romance for the big day with these sweet, but sometimes cliché quotes mounted on photos, unique graphics and more, to send to friends or lovers. (Think “Never fall for someone unless they are willing to catch you” or “Someday someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.”). Get it here.

10. Celebrity Love Match (Free): Test your celeb romance trivia through the games on this app. While they throw you some softballs such as “Who is Brad Pitt married to?”, can you answer who Orlando Bloom, Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Nicole Scherzinger are linked with? Check it out here.