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The best of friends

We polled readers to see what they love (and hate) about their closest pals

Do you have a “best” friend?
Yes 81%
No  19%

What’s the craziest thing you and a friend have ever done together?

• “We used to go to the airport with empty suitcases and pretend that we were going on vacation – to pick up men!” – Tanya
• “We hopped in my car one day and took a six-day road trip because we wanted to. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.” – Sue
• “We braved warnings during a blizzard to go out for chocolate cake.” – Helen
• “I’m not crazy enough to put it in writing.” – Jen
• “Midnight gardening – we secretly planted flowers in my new boyfriend’s (now my husband’s) planter box for his birthday, but we were laughing so much he knew we were out there.” – Shelly

Yes 51%
No 17%
Don’t know 32%


Yes 30% “I told her that I took her cat to a farm to live when I really took him to the humane society.” – Kim
No 24%
Do white lies count? 46%
“I am guilty of telling friends I liked their cooking, a present or their hairdo when I really didn’t care for it. A friend’s feelings are much more precious to me than absolute honesty.” – Crystal

The thing you say friends are most likely to lie to you about > men
The thing you’re most likely to lie to your friends about > why you’re bailing on plans

Now that’s nasty!

What’s the worst thing a friend has ever done to you?

• “Slept with my ex-boyfriend.” – Jen
• “Slept with my boyfriend.” – Yvonne
• “Slept with my fiancé.” – Brenda
• “Slept with my husband.” – Suzy

Have you ever wanted to break up with a friend?

Yes 80%
No 20%
Wanted to? I did break up with her! 66%
• “It was the best thing I ever did. Now my friendships are real and not superficial.” – Brenda
• “Actually, I was quite a coward about it. I just didn’t return her telephone calls. When I was confronted, instead of telling her why, I lied. I said that there was nothing wrong and we would get together soon. We never did.” – Vera
Now that’s love!

What is the nicest thing your friends have done for you?

• “She brought me coffee and fries from my favourite diner at 3 a.m. when I was working on an assignment for school.” – Kami
• “I suffer from bad migraines. My last one was so bad that I was heaving my guts out and she sat next to me on the floor, holding my hair back and putting ice on my neck!” – Anna
• “She forgave me for splitting her head open in a game of hockey.” – Kreen
• “She buys me gifts on Mother’s Day – even though my ‘child’ is my beloved Newton, a chihuahua!” – Nathalie
• “She lets me be me.” – Molly

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