Sex & Relationships

Rev up your appetite—and your love life

Three tasty ideas to put some sizzle in your relationship

A relationship is like your favourite restaurant. You love the food, know what to expect and always leave satisfied—after all, that’s why you keep coming back. But isn’t it fantastic when there’s a tasty new special on the menu? It’s the same with relationships. As great as they are, it’s always fun to stir things up.
Try these three simple and saucy ideas to get things steaming with your honey.

In the mood for love

Channel your inner mighty Aphrodite and add some common aphrodisiacs like asparagus, carrots, garlic, or chocolate to your dinner plans. Surprising your special someone with a meal made for lovers can be as simple as raiding your fridge or picking some love food up on your way home. The best part about aphrodisiacs? Anything can be part of your magic potion as long as you believe in it, so concoct your own seductive dinner or visit The Cooking Couple for an extensive A-Z list of passion foods.

Now, dim the lights, pour some wine and try feeding one another your creation. Even saucier—blindfold your lover and feed him while explaining the sensual qualities of each course. The ultimate tease is serving your dish at a dinner party when only the two of you know the meal’s sexy secret!

Hey, good cooking

Maybe it’s the bubbling water, or perhaps it’s the aromatic spices, but there is something undeniably sensual about creating a meal together. To light the fire of your desire, take time to enjoy the smells, textures and tastes of simple, yet sizzling food. Need a little inspiration? Try a fondue, pasta, or Greek salad and find every opportunity to sample, smell and get your hands dirty. To add some extra spice, try cooking in just your skivvies and an apron and encourage your partner to do the same—it’s funny, sexy and a little daring—just like your meal. This recipe is sure to get a totally different appetite simmering. And remember, food doesn’t have to be the only thing that gets cooking in your kitchen—just try not to leave the stove on.

Have dessert first

If your sweet tooth is stronger than your desire to cook, surprise your sweetheart with dessert first: edible body paint. Built for the bedroom, chocolate body paint has a sweetness and seduction factor that is simply unmatched. You can play the poet and decorate your lover with words, unleash your inner impressionist with images, or simply go abstract and lick the puddles of sweetness off. If chocolate is not your thing, try fruit-flavoured body candy or edible massage oil that heats up. To order these sweet treats online, visit Come as You Are. Or, use what you’ve already got in the fridge: honey, ice cubes, ice cream, jam, popsicles, cinnamon hearts—whatever tickles your tongue!