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How to turn him on

We asked ordinary guys to tell us what gets them hot and bothered

Ever wonder what turns guys on? And no, it’s not just beer and the words “Let’s do it!” We asked real men what they can’t get enough of and what they can do without when it comes to getting it on with you…

Getting there

“If you’re out with your partner and, after a few drinks, find yourself getting turned on, pull your guy aside and suggest going home (and let him know why!) Leaving a gathering early for sex makes him feel like you are inviting him to an even more elite party. (Just don’t do this too often or your friends will stop inviting you out!) “
-Sean, 31, filmmaker

“Preparation! Make sure you have all the necessities in the bedroom, close at hand, before you start – it’s a real mood-killer when you have to run around looking for the massage oil, condoms or candles while your partner waits for you. “
-Jodhi, 34, I.T. Consultant

Foreplay, anyone?

“Ears are for more than listening. If you want anything expensive, nibble on my ears and I’ll buy it for you.
-Michael, 39, teacher and writer

“Kiss the back of the neck. Light kisses make my hair stand on end and cause shivers to run down my spine. Which is very cool.”
-Jodhi, 37, I.T. Consultant

“Act with reckless abandon. And don’t worry about how you appear – if we’re in bed together trust that it’s because you look great!”
-Ben, 36, research coordinator

“Cliched but true: There are few sights sexier than a woman in my button-down shirt and nothing else.”
-Michael, 39, teacher and writer

The main event…

“Don’t force something you’re not comfortable with, like dirty talk. Saying stuff like ‘Do it to me, Stallion’ and not meaning it sounds awkward and ruins the mood. Stick to what feels right.”
-Sean, 31, filmmaker

“Vary the pace. Think jazz.”
-Ben, 36, research coordinator

“Take your sense of humour to bed with you. Two sweaty bodies rubbing and bumping up against each other sometimes make weird and wonderful sounds. Instead of being mortified by the soundscape of love making, laugh. Acknowledging the fumbling can be über sexy and gives us guys a chance to recharge our batteries, thus prolonging the encounter.”
-Derek, 31, actor

“Make eye contact as much as possible, no matter what you’re doing. It adds to the level of excitement.”
-Jodhi, 34, I.T. consultant

“Squeeze our testicles when we orgasm- it enhances the experience. But not too hard ’cause we’re gonna need ’em later!”
-Rob, 39, musician

“Don’t be coy, that’s for high school girls. Real women ask for what they want.”
-Derek, 31, actor

“More important than anything else: RESPOND! Moan, sigh, twist, turn, coo, close your eyes, squeeze the pillow, cry out in pleasure, call our name (and for God’s sake, get it right!) Men love to know that we’re making our lover feel good. Don’t be afraid to wake up the neighbors – this will spur us on to do even more for you because we feel appreciated.”
-Rob, 39, musician

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