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How often couples have sex

The frequency in which the average couple rumples the sheets depends on age and how long they've been together.

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When it comes to making love, size may not matter but timing is everything. The Daily Mail recently featured the findings of an American doctor, who says that 45 percent of all men climax within two minutes of penetration. Meanwhile, reports Dr. Harry Fisch, a urologist and sexual health expert at New York Presbyterian Hospital, the average woman reaches orgasm after five to seven minutes. It doesn’t take a sex therapist to, ahem, grasp the problem.

As far as frequency goes, Dr. Fisch’s findings only confirm what many of us suspect; new couples have sex at least once a day and couples in their twenties tend to do the rumpy-pumpy two or three times a week. As couples age, and life and familiarity intrude, passionate encounters decline with the average couple between 30-50, enjoying sex twice a week. After age 50, when faced with a choice between sex with your husband or time spent watching Dancing with The Stars, it seems that Tom Bergeron comes out on top — or maybe having real sex with your husband loses out to the idea of imaginary sex with the frequently shirtless Chmerkoskiy brothers. Regardless of the reason, the numbers decline to fewer than once a week.

Though Sting once infamously boasted that he experienced hours of tantric sex with his wife Trudie — a notion she has since debunked — the rest of us clock in on average at slightly over seven minutes per session.

Statistics aside, Dr. Fisch suggests that personal preference should be the only real consideration when it comes to frequency and that it’s probably better to opt for ‘quality over quantity.’

But that doesn’t mean you can’t speak to your partner about taking one for the team and attempting to increase his stamina by four or five minutes.