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Here Are The Dumbest Ways To Get Caught Cheating

Writer Nicole Cliffe asked people to share their stories of cheaters getting caught, and the results are pretty juicy.

Illustration, Getty.

Illustration, Getty.

Writer Nicole Cliffe put a simple call-out on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon after watching The Edge (a movie that features an improbable love triangle between Elle MacPherson, Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin): “Well, now I want to know how the various cheaters in your life/a loved one’s life have gotten caught.”

While it’s likely that most have been on one side of the awful equation of infidelity, usually people are pretty low-key on the details — but not today. Cliffe received dozens of replies with juicy details, heartbreaking reveals and shockingly dumb cover-up attempts.

Here are some, er, lowlights:

So while you can’t control getting hit by a bus, the very least you can do to show some regard for your significant other is to log out of your social media account on a shared computer. Or, you know, try to not cheat.