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Could a ‘boyfriend pillow’ replace the real thing?

The Boyfriend Pillow

The Boyfriend Pillow/Deluxe Comfort

It’s not easy to share a bed with another human being. Arranging those uniquely shaped body parts into a comfortable state of unity can be a challenge for two people. Perhaps that’s why mattress creators cooked up the California King size bed.

And for every woman who gripes about her partner’s snoring, there’s another lonely-hearted gal whose empty bed makes her crave a crabby snoring hunk of man to warm the cold side of the bed. Ironies abound when it comes to our desires and their real-life fulfillments.

Enter The Boyfriend Pillow (via The Guardian), which may solve one, all or absolutely none of the issues raised above.

Made by U.S. company Deluxe Comfort, The Boyfriend Pillow is as ridiculous looking as you might imagine. Made of memory foam, essentially it’s a long rectangular pillow with an arm-like extension on the back complete with Muppet-like fingers. You nuzzle the rectangle as you would your mate’s chest and the arm cradles your back.

You can even dress the pillow in one of your current (or former) amour’s T-shirts to make the experience even more authentic (or peculiar).

The benefits of The Boyfriend Pillow are obvious, to the manufacturer anyway, which talks up the pillow’s lack of odour (it’s machine-washable), and the fact that it doesn’t snore.

Those in relationships with anti-snugglers may take comfort in the arms — or rather arm — while singletons may also send their oxytocin levels soaring with the purchase of the pillow. If not someone, then at least there’s finally some thing to snuggle with!

Whether or not the pillow can cure a lonely heart or a dissatisfying sleeping arrangement is really up to the individual. But whether you desire the touch of a real man, or its reasonable ‘memory foam’ facsimile, one thing we can agree on is you can never have enough pillows, right?

Do you think The Boyfriend Pillow is genius or outrageous?

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