Seven happy moments from Will and Kate's wedding

To the wedding naysayers, move along — there's nothing for you to see here. But for those who took in yesterday's royal event, here are my seven favourite moments from Will and Kate's fairy tale wedding.

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To the wedding naysayers, move along — there’s nothing for you to see here. But for those who took in yesterday’s royal event, here are my seven favourite moments from Will and Kate’s fairy tale wedding.

Moment #1: The brothers driving in. They both looked so handsome in their military uniforms and of course as I watched them drive in, I couldn’t help but think of the last significant memory of them at Westminster Abbey — the funeral of their mother, Princess Diana. But yesterday was about making new memories and they both look so excited — well, as excited as a royal can look in public — and happy about the grand event to come. Wait…was Prince Harry looking more nervous than his brother?  

Moment #2: Kate steps out of the car. I kept thinking, don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip — after all, that was my mantra on my wedding day. But she elegantly stepped out, gave us a look at that beautiful tiara and Sarah Burton gown, smiled and waved to the crowd.  

Moment #3: The 4 min. 12 second walk up the aisle. So calm and collected…not at all the drippy-eyed mess with a deer-in-headlights look I sported at my wedding. Extra-love moment: when Prince Harry peeked back at her coming up the aisle and made what looked like a joke to big bro (what did he say?), who in turn didn’t look back so he could see his bride at the altar. The smiles and whispers to each other once Kate joined Prince William at his side were a sure sign of couple intimacy.  

Moment #4: A light moment: Kate cracks a smile during the blessing when you can audibly hear the crowd outside Westminster Abbey cheer.

Moment #5: The carriage ride back. All those horses flanking that Cinderella-like carriage. The waves and salutes and head bows from the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. All to the soundtrack of cheers from onlookers. It felt like the sound of a happy country.  

Moment #6: A Will and Kate-free moment — the parade toward the castle. So many smiling faces, people waving the British flag, freely walking and surrounding the Queen Victoria Memorial to see the couple of the day. No gates or fences holding them back in their day of celebration. Anyone else see the “Checkmate Kate — you’ve taken the King!” sign?

Moment #7: The balcony scene. You didn’t have to be a lip reader to notice Kate’s “Oh wow” when she stepped onto that balcony and saw the crowd there. More love goes for those two sweet little kisses, which were definitely less perfunctory than the one dad landed on his bride Diana. And while I loved the kisses, again it’s those intimate moments between a couple that really make me swoon — I’m pretty sure Will said “One more? One more kiss?” before he planted the second one on her. Sweet love.

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