Quiz: Happiness


The happiness test
Tell us how you define bliss for an upcoming story in Chatelaine

By Bonnie Schiedel
First published in Chatelaine September 2003 issue.
© Bonnie Schiedel

What makes you grin like a jack-o’-lantern and fizz like ginger ale? Chatelaine wants to know! So get comfy and click your answers (one per question, unless otherwise noted). Then see how you compare with other readers: we’ll publish the results of the survey in the February issue of the magazine.

1. Happiness on a plate is:
green tea and an elegant arrangement of sushi
a cheeseburger with the works, fries and a beer
grilled chicken, a strawberry-and-spinach salad and a glass of white wine
whatever’s in the fridge
homemade mac ‘n’ cheese with a chocolate shake

2. The best part of my job is:
all of it–I love it!
working with great people
providing stability for my family
the buzz I get from my title and status
the money, honey

3. How satisfied are you with each of the following:
a. my body
very satisfied
somewhat satisfied
somewhat unsatisfied
very unsatisfied

b. my skin
very satisfied
somewhat satisfied
somewhat unsatisfied
very unsatisfied

c. my hair
very satisfied
somewhat satisfied
somewhat unsatisfied
very unsatisfied

d. my face
very satisfied
somewhat satisfied
somewhat unsatisfied
very unsatisfied

e. my overall appearance
very satisfied
somewhat satisfied
somewhat unsatisfied
very unsatisfied

4. I’m happiest when my friends and I are:
in the groove, doing the same things we always love to do
trying something new, whether it’s scrapbooking or skydiving
reminiscing about old times
having a heart-to-heart, no-holds-barred conversation
laughing hysterically over something fluffy and trivial

5. I love my neighbourhood because:
it’s safe and close to my job
I’ve made so many great friends there
it’s quiet and relaxing–no one invades my space
there’s always something fun and exciting going on
I can impress people with my upscale address

6. For you, what’s the most important ingredient in a great sex life?
attractive partner

7. To be happy, I need (pick top 3):
to be independent
a great sex life
a steady income
a challenging career
my children
time to myself
time with my friends
good health
a meaningful relationship
regular contact with my extended family

8. I’m happiest when I wear:
a toe ring and nail polish–no shoes
shoes I can really walk in
comfy sandals
something sexy with a killer heel
skates, rock-climbing shoes, ski boots…just as long as I’m movin’

9. If I won $20,000 I would:
book a couple of fabulous vacations
pay off debts and invest the rest
throw a huge party and buy gifts for friends and family
splurge on a big-ticket item for my home
go back to school
start a business

10. I would be happier if I (pick up to three options):
were single
were married
had children
had a different career
lived somewhere else
had a different body
were healthier
had more money
had closer friendships

11. To be happy spiritually, I need:
to attend a place of worship regularly
to pray or meditate
to do something I’m passionate about
to be surrounded by nature
to understand my place in the world

12. When I’m feeling down, I turn to:
my favourite food
my partner
my friends
my favourite store
my pet

C’mon, tell us:
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