Quebec women told to have lots of sex in order to have in vitro

Health Minister Gaetan Barrette wants to give nature plenty of opportunities.

in vitro fertilization

Photo, koya79/iStock.

Quebec women who want government-financed in vitro fertilization will have to sign a statement saying they have been sexually active for a long period.

Health Minister Gaetan Barrette says his proposed legislation would oblige women to make the declaration in a doctor’s office, although it would not have the force of law.

The objective is to allow nature to take its course and to ensure that the complex and costly medical procedure is not used unnecessarily.

Barrette says it’s been shown that 95 per cent of couples considered infertile have a child within three years if they keep trying to conceive.

The health minister has proposed guidelines based on various age categories.

Women aged 18 to 30 would have to have had frequent sexual relations during two to three years in order to be eligible for in vitro. The period for those between 31 and 35 would be two years, while it would be between one year and 18 months for those aged 36 to 40.

For women aged 41 and 42, the limit for the procedure, it would be up to the doctor to determine the required period.

This article first appeared in the Medical Post.