Panobinostat Rat

First of all, THANK-YOU!!! Thank-you for all the comments, cheers, high-fives, happy tears, and general whooping-up of it right alongside me as I celebrated some good news for a change. Would you believe I have some more good news to share?

I got into the clinical study! I’m officially a Panobinostat Rat!

The health of my platelets, white blood cells, heartbeats and whatever else they measured has been deemed study-worthy, and my new life as a lab rat begins tomorrow! My bag is packed and I check in to hospital at 10 a.m. for three days of fairly intensive treatment and repeated testing of heart and blood. They’ll be testing hourly — absurd, crazy amounts of incessant testing, testing, testing — and they’ll keep at it for something like 8 straight hours before they let up a little.  Then, after a bit of sleep we start all over again with the treatment (Panobinostat & Herceptin) and, yes, you guessed it: a little bit more testing.

But I don’t mind. Recent history has taught me that it might be better to have my body watched over obsessively than left to its own devices anyway. Plus if this stuff works, who cares? I say bring it.

(OK, I say “Bring it” now, but I do reserve the right to whine and complain about the constant poking/injecting/scanning etc. as soon as it becomes unbearable. Which could be as early as, like, 2pm Eastern Standard Time, Thursday.)

I don’t know if I’ll have internet access so blogging may not be possible, but if it is, stand by for all the gory details.  And wish me luck!!

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