Moth-Eaten Chia Pet


Okay, so my hair is apparently falling out. Again. (Or still, I’m not sure.)


I first noticed it because there was hair on my pillow the other morning – it looked like a cat had been sleeping there, but we don’t have a cat.  So now I’m back to using the lint roller, rolling the little hairs off my pillows, wondering why the @!#* it’s falling out again/still.  And why more in certain places than others?  The only thing worse than losing your hair, is losing it in patches; my head looks like a moth-eaten chia pet.


Then I got really frustrated and lint-rollered my head.  Next time you’re in a frustrated rage I recommend you try it – the absurdity of what you’re doing should snap you out of your hissy fit pretty quickly.  It actually kind of worked, though it wasn’t quite as effective as rubbing out the hair in the shower. 


In any case, it’s one step forward, one step back.  (Which is to say, no steps.)


Patience.  Among other things, cancer is trying to teach me patience.


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