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Lighten up lunch with a Thai tofu-quinoa bowl

Downsize your midday meal with this low-calorie, high-protein quinoa bowl recipe.


Thai tofu quinoa bowl

Thai tofu quinoa bowl.
Photo, Erik Putz.

Trick your brain and your stomach into feeling less hungry by downsizing your midday meal. Cornell researchers discovered this slimming tip when they compared a group of people let loose at a buffet lunch with those who stuck to a portion-controlled soup or pasta dish over a five-week period. The latter group consumed 250 fewer calories per day than they normally would — and lost an average of a pound over 10 days. The best part? Those who ate the light lunch were no hungrier than usual and didn’t binge later. To take the guesswork out of portion control, we love the cleverly divided lunch box Box Appetite. For a delicious lunch tomorrow, fill it with this low-calorie, high-protein dish.

Thai tofu-quinoa bowl.