Kids who are happier make more money as adults

How do you maintain happiness for your kids everyday to ensure they enjoy riches later in life?

Young girl playing in the autumn leaves

Photo: Masterfile

A new study from the University College London reveals that kids who are  happier go on to make more money. And if this past weekend is any indication of my daughter’s happiness…she’s going to be rich!

It was her eight birthday, and really, does anything make a kid happier than their birthday? Part of the festivities included three close friends for a pyjama party, followed by breakfast out with the family and then front row seats to the Santa Claus parade. That’s happiness gold to most kids.

It also turned out to be happiness currency to me as her parent (which sadly didn’t make me rich). Sporting a perma-grin for most of the weekend, I found her joy to be contagious, as would any parent. My heart just about popped out of my chest when I saw her buddies envelope her in a giant birthday bear hug, or when her four-year-old brother worked on sounding out ‘happy’ so he too could scribble a card together for his big sister. That joy went much beyond me — it made for a happy weekend in our house.

When you see your child so high on happiness, it’s a good reminder of how important happiness is to our kids. “Be happy” is a mantra around our house. Do what makes you happy we tell them, with the caveat that it doesn’t hurt others. Or we talk to them about getting a job when they’re older that sure, pays decently, but is also one that makes you happy.

But how do you capture and maintain that kind of happiness and inject it into the every day? You probably don’t. How can you boost their happiness when running from soccer practise to school to ballet class? How do you create a happy household?

I’d love to hear from you fellow parents and readers. What things do you do to ensure your children are happy? What advice can you give to fellow parents? Comment in the section below or tweet me @AstridVanDenB.