Kathleen Chin, 46

Account manager, married, three children, 169 lbs., 5'5"

Kathleen Chin, 46
Account manager, married, three children, 169 lbs., 5’5″

WHY I’M DOING THIS Besides all the physical health reasons to lose weight, I know my weight is impacting my sexual health. Even though my husband still desires me, I don’t feel good about myself and don’t feel sexually attractive.

BODY HISTORY I’m the ninth of 12 kids. My mother always made everything from scratch, and there was lots of butter and fresh, hot bread at home. I’ve always struggled with my weight; I gain pounds easily. Currently, I’m at my heaviest weight ever.

EXERCISE ROUTINE In my mid-30s, I joined a gym, and I have an elliptical machine at home. I work out three to four days per week for about 40 minutes, but I still end up putting on weight.

WHAT I EAT I eat too much and too fast. My appetite exceeds what is healthy. If I’m at home, I’ll have two bowls of pasta for dinner.

STUMBLING BLOCK When I go to lunches with clients, I don’t want them to feel they have to diet. I try to avoid the breadbasket, but it’s so tempting. At home, meals must appeal to my husband and children, too. Whenever I’ve successfully dieted, I’ve ended up preparing two separate meals, one for me and one for everyone else. But I get tired of doing that and give up.

TIME CRUNCH For regular weeknight meals, I need to be able to get something on the table in 30 to 40 minutes.

ULTIMATE GOAL I know it will only get harder to lose weight as I get older, so I want to get on the right path now. I never want to diet again!

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