What to say — and not to say — to a friend struggling with infertility: Teri Hart shares her story

The entertainment reporter and senior producer did everything she could to become a mom, but the story didn't end up with a baby

Infertility is one of the toughest conversations to navigate — painful if you’re the one experiencing it, and difficult to know what to say as a friend who wants to lend support. Teri Hart knows all about it. The CityTV entertainment reporter and senior producer opened up this week to Cityline’s Tracy Moore about her and her partner’s struggle to conceive, a journey that involved expensive fertility treatments, a failed adoption, and the RCMP shutting down the egg donor clinic the couple was using days before Hart was to receive the donation.

She also talked to Moore about what was and wasn’t helpful to hear from friends and colleagues. “You just need to go on vacation” fell into the latter camp. “It’s not about giving the person solutions,” said Hart. “Maybe you just need a nice arm on your shoulders, maybe you just need somebody to make a joke, somebody to get your mind off of the omnipresent roller coaster that you’re on. I have friends who would just say, ‘I don’t have words. There are no words.’ And sometimes there aren’t words for it. It’s sad.”

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